FaceJam.org is an innovative new way to organize and promote all types of open jams, bluesjams and open mics. The back bone of FaceJam is the Jam calendar. Musicians and singers are no longer dependent on the luck of the draw as to when and if they will get to play.Once registered you can sign up online up to a month beforehand to jam. The house band(consisting of at least a guitarist ,bassist and drummer), will post the songs from our extensive and growing list of blues,jazz, classic rock, funk,punk and whatever. You sign up to play and the list is posted on the venues FaceJam group page. Fans and venue patrons can visit the calendar or group page and see who’s playing and when. Jammers are able to send out FB event invites to friends for the exact time they will be on stage.

In addition to organizing the jam,we’ve developed a sophisticated social network marketing system and search engine optimization designed to bring clients and revenue to the venue. And it’s all for FREE. Paid for through advertising revenues. Visit www.FaceJam.org and click on your state for a list of FaceJam venues. Also download our app on your smart phone today!